818 Fashion LLC is an importer and distributor for Pretty Angel Clothing or apparel.


We offer Pretty Angel quality wholesale clothing and accessories at extremely affordable prices with superior customer service.


818 Fashion LLC focus in the most fashionable wholesale apparel from wholesale tops, tank tops, blouses, camisoles, dresses, sweaters, coats, jackets etc.

Below is our Sales Rep.


Sales Reps:


Ya Gotta Be Puttin' Me On

1500 W. El Camino Ave #199

Sacramento, CA 95833


For appointments please contact: Griffin Craig Williams

Tel:   916-574-9092

Cell:  916-955-9292

Fax:  916-574-9093

Email: shinealight1111@yahoo.com


Because We can

Americas Apparel Mart

250 Spring Street Suite: 8S343

Atlanta, GA 30303


For appointments please contact: Barbara Pinover

Tel:  800-514-0502

Fax: 678-710-2620

Email: becausewecan@bellsouth.net



If you are looking to purchase for personal use, please visit our online store at:







If you are a business with a valid tax ID number then please sign-up
as a wholesale customer.


Once approved you can log-in and view our complete line.



To sign-up, please visit our wholesale website at:












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